Extended Abstract

A two page extended abstract should be created using the following template in .docx or LaTeX. The abstract has to be submitted in PDF format


Authors are requested to adhere to the template and not modify the margin or any other template properties.

Full Paper

The full-paper submission (optional) is now open. All authors whose extended abstracts were accepted and those who have registered for the conference are encouranged to submit their full-paper.

As mentioned in the Proceedings page, the full paper submission can be of a maximum of 20 pages. Common template is followed for now. After classification into one of the publications, suitable instructions shall be communicated to the corresponding authors on further steps.

Full paper template can be downloaded here. The zip file has instructions and files for MS Word and LaTeX.

Presentation Template (In-Person and Online)

The registered authors are requested to download and use the presentation template here. The instructions for the in-person and online presentation are also mentioned in the file.

The in-person (offline) presenters can use their laptops or load their presentation (MS PowerPoint or PDF) on the computers in the Session Halls before their sessions.

The online presenters should upload their presentation and video (max. of 15 min duration) by Oct 10, 2022. These videos shall be played in their respective presentation slot. The presenter should be available online (portal details shall be shared in the due course) to address questions from offline or online attendees.