Keynote Lectures

  • Alberto Cardona, Argentina, “Simulation of wind turbines with full fluid/structure interaction and deforming blades”
  • Etsujiro Imanishi, Japan, “Dynamics performance prediction on construction machinery”
  • Robert Seifried, Germany, “Servo-Constraints – An elegant way of inverting under-actuated and flexible multibody system models”
  • Radu Serban, USA, “Modeling and Simulation of Terramechanics and Vehicle-soil Interaction”
  • Shankar Venugopal, India, “A System dynamics approach to shaping future mobility technologies”
  • Hao Wang, China, “New type of robotic manipulators with large deformation flexible linkage”
  • Hong Hee Yoo, Korea, “Modeling and analysis of rotating blades”